Friday, April 11, 2008

Mossy's Backpackers #23

Max hit play on the CD player at the same time as he pressed record on the tape deck. He began nodding his head to the beat as the first notes of Talib Kweli’s ‘Get By’ started to fill the common room.

“Is that rap?” Cate called from the kitchen.

“No,” Max yelled over the music, “it’s good rap.”

Good response, as long as she believes good rap exists.

“I didn’t know there was such a thing.”

Uh oh.

“Give it a chance! It’s great driving music,” Max countered. “Don’t worry, this tape will only have rap that has minimal swearing, mostly positive themes and none of that garbage about disrespectin’ ho’s.”

… You have such a way with the ladies.

“That’s very reassuring,” Cate replied with a laugh.

Yeah, well, this one seems to like me.

I know, I don’t understand it either.

Max poked his head around the corner and found Cate nodding her head to the music as she scrubbed the counters. They had the hostel to themselves for the day since everyone else was out working in various orchards and vineyards around the area.

“Not bad, huh?” he asked with a smile.

“I suppose I might let you play this in the car,” Cate allowed. “As long as you make a mix tape from my Gorillaz and Blur discs.”

“Not a problem, that should make a sweet tape,” Max said. “You know, I’m almost glad the rental car doesn’t have a CD player. I used to love making mix tapes when I was in high school.”

“Yeah, nothing but the best of the best makes the cut,” Cate said as the song drew to a close and Max hit both stop buttons. A few moments later the next song for the tape began playing. “Who is this? It sounds familiar.”

“Jurassic 5,” he yelled. “Also known as J5, you might have heard that track they did with Dave Matthews.”

“Oh that’s it… the video for that is brilliant,” she shouted just as Mossy came in the front door. “Hey boss man!”

“Hey Caitlin,” Mossy said fondly, then paused mid-stride. “Is this rap?”

“No, no,” Cate said with a small laugh. “It’s good rap.”

“And here I was thinking you had decent taste in music,” he replied with a shake of his head. “Max is corrupting you already.”

“Hey big man, what’s shakin’?” Max asked as he emerged from the lounge area.

“Well well, if it isn’t the leader of the mass exodus from my hostel himself,” Mossy rumbled.

“Oh relax, you’ll be full up again before dinner tomorrow,” Max shot back. “Plus you’ll have eight people traveling all over the country telling everyone they meet that this is the best hostel on the planet.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, mister. How am I going to replace you two? Jay and Diego will cover things for the next week but then they’re gone too!”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Cate broke in. “I got an email from my cousin Tammy this morning. Her and her husband Jack will be here in a couple weeks and they’d be happy to take over if you haven’t found anyone long term by then.”

“Well… hmmph.” Mossy looked like he was trying to find another complaint but was coming up empty handed.

“Don’t worry Mossy, we’d never leave you hanging,” Max said. Suddenly realizing the song was finishing, he rushed back to the stereo to stop the recording again. He returned to the conversation without starting the next track, knowing it was a lost cause until Mossy left.

“So tonight is the big send-off then,” Mossy said a bit sadly.

“Yeah it is,” Cate said. “Although I’m not sure Tobias and Tim are going to stick to their word about leaving with us tomorrow. Those two are even more reluctant to leave than Max!”

“It’ll be too hard to stay here with the rest of the crew gone,” Max said. “That’s why everyone has to leave together. I’ve stayed behind too many times already.”

“And there are loads of beautiful places to see before you go home, I’d hate to see you guys get stuck here and miss out on them,” Mossy said before quickly adding, “not that it hasn’t been a tremendous pleasure having you hooligans here.”

“Yeah right!” Max laughed. “The only party bigger than tonights will be the one you throw tomorrow night.”

“Nah, I won’t celebrate until all of you fly home,” Mossy snorted. “Until then I won’t believe I’m truly rid of you lot. I’ll be expecting you back every day otherwise.”

“Oh we’ll definitely drop by before we head back,” Cate assured him. “Max and I are doing a loop of the south before going north to catch our flight.”

“Your flight, singular?” Mossy asked in surprise. “That’s a heck of a long flight together.”

“I reckon if we survive that nothing can stop us,” Max quipped then gave Cate a sly wink.

“If we manage to get through being on the road together for two months then I can’t see a twelve hour flight being a problem. Besides,” she said as she turned to Mossy with a wicked grin, “I sleep like the dead on long flights.”

“You two are something else,” Mossy said bemusedly. “Alright, I’ll be back after dinner – I assume things will be in full swing by then.”

“You know it big man,” Max said as he headed for the lounge again. “Maybe I’ll teach you how to break dance tonight.”

“The only thing breaking would be my back,” Mossy grunted. “I’ll have to bring my best of Johnny Cash CD.”

“The Man in Black! Definitely bring that.”

“You’re hard to upset, aren’t you?” Mossy asked.

“It’s one of my better qualities.”

“That and your cute butt,” Cate pointed out.

“That’s it!” Mossy groaned. “I’m out of here.”

Take me with you!

“Admit it Mossy,” Max called. “You’re gonna miss us.”

“Ha!” Mossy yelled as he went out the door. “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

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